Since 1994 we have been striving to make the world a better place. In addition to our standard business projects we are always involved in a wide variety of non-profit and volunteer projects. We are fiercely passionate about our work and constantly work to be proud of everything that we do.

“Creating a learning culture”

Our principles


Mature culture

The principle of mature and responsible people in equal relationships and with equal possibilities is present in everything we do. We work in an environment where all team members have the same access to all information. Everybody knows all outcomes and company figures, and we jointly set out our company and individual goals, as well as salaries and bonuses. It is because we believe that open communication, trust and respect help mutual understanding and our involvement in achieving our common goals.


Transparency and fair-play

The principle of openness is applied also to delivery of our services. The prices for a training day are set as fixed and all clients are given the same rates (regardless of whether they are a small, local company or a large corporation). We believe that business can be done in a straightforward and fair way.


Constant self-development

We constantly search for new approaches, principles and possibilities of development and, at the same time, we work also on our personal growth. We care about being better every day, even if only by a small step, and we try to convey our passion of development and learning to all people who are in contact with us. It is because we want people to perceive and understand the meaning and the value of self-development, learning, and improving.  In everything we do, we strive to emphasise the expertise, competency, professionality and social responsibility.


We improve the world

We want the world we live in to be a better place. We cannot be content with the state of public education; therefore, we have decided to focus our energy in this particular direction. Through the non-profit project of Maxman University we lecture with passion and joy to students of various universities or colleges and help other non-profit organisations such as Pontis Foundation, Teach for Slovakia, Indícia or Nexteria.


  • 2018

    Bringing Dan Ariely to Slovakia

  • 2017

    purchasing an electric car so that we could drive to meet our clients in an environmentally-friendly way

  • 2016

    Establishing the HRLeader award

  • 2015

    Establishing the HRTalent Award

  • 2014

    launching HRLeaders, a specialised HR conference

  • 2013

    winning the AIVD award for the best educational project

  • 2012

    winning the prestigious VIA BONA SLOVAKIA award in the area of corporate philanthropy

  • 2011

    opening of Maxman Training Centre in Bratislava

  • 2010

    launching of the Maxman University project

  • 2009

    becoming a part of Persona Global Management Survey Network (USA)

  • 2008

    becoming a member of the International Coach Federation (USA)

  • 2007

    becoming a member of Slovenská asociácia koučov (Slovak Association of Coaches)

  • 2007

    co-founding IPAD (Germany)

  • 2006

    becoming a member of Performability Network (Netherlands)

  • 2005

    co-founding Profesijné združenie zážitkového vzdelávania (Professional Association of Experimental Learning) (Czech Republic and Slovakia)

  • 2000

    opening of our own outdoor training centre in Stupava

  • 1996

    becoming a member of Infoteam Sales Process Consulting (Switzerland)

  • 1994

    founding Maxman Consultants s.r.o.


AmCham - American Chamber of Commerce

Persona Global

ICF - International Coach Federation

SAKO - Slovak Association of Coaches

International partnership for assessment and development

Performability network

Infoteam Process Consulting